Ukrainians and Georgians protest near Russian embassy in London

On 8 August 2014, a group of Ukrainian and Georgian activists rallied in front of the Russian embassy in London.

20140808_165140_1The protest was as a joint initiative of Ukrainians and Georgians and aimed to mark the sixth anniversary of the 2008 war between Georgia and Russia, as well as drawing parallels with the current Russian aggressive politics and support of separatism in the East of Ukraine.

20140808_165026Around 40 protesters gathered at their usual spot in front of the embassy, holding Ukrainian and Georgian national flags and banners condemning Putin’s actions. They chanted: ‘Putin is a murderer!’, ‘Russia is a fascist country!’, ‘Putin is a terrorist!’, ‘Stop the Russian occupation’ (referring to the territories of South Ossetia and Abkhazia and Crimea), ‘Shame on TerroRussia’, ‘Abkhazia is Georgia! Ossetia is Georgia! Crimea is Ukraine!’, ‘Russia, hands off Ukraine/Georgia’, and ‘Putin – khuilo!’ (‘Putin is a dickhead’).

20140808_165156While the Ukrainian diaspora has been very vocal in its protest activities since November 2013, the activists have recently started considering additional ways of diversification of their engagement in homeland politics across borders. In particular, fundraising activities have been on the rise in order to support the Anti-Terrorist Operation in Ukraine, supply soldiers with body armour, medicine, clothes and hygiene products, and collect money for wounded soldiers. Further plans include expansion of charity activities.



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